HTML – What is HTML? – Part 1

HTML Tutorial is Starting From Today.


Welcome to Hyper Text Markup Language!

What is HTML?

Hyper Text Markup Language, or HTML, is the basic code that makes up the foundation of every website on the World Wide Web. HTML is used for marking up text and other page content, and for defining how a web page is structured.

A web page is made up of lots of content—text, images, even videos. Each of these pieces of content is marked up using HTML syntax which is a collection of words and symbols that can be understood by computer programs. HTML is also used to describe the structure of the page, defining each of the different sections it may have such as a header, content area, and footer.

Note :- Daily I will upload only on one topic in details as much possible from my side.
I knew most of people know about this but I am posting from starting because many people don’t know even a single word of html5.

Thank you guys❤️❤️


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