HTML – First code in HTML – Part 4

I can talked about basic code in HTML and how to start code using android.

First code in HTML - Part 4 - Learn Beginner

I think you are ready to write first code right?

Ohh yes….!

So, Let’s start with basic structure of HTML coding.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        Title of documents write here.
    Content of document writes here.

For element explanation please refer my HTML PART – 3.

🤔🤔🤔 I thought today that many of you don’t have any Personal computers so how can you write HTML codes and do practice on daily basis….
So I wanna tell you that you can do practice on android Phone also by using various HTML editors app.
But I recommend you to use anWriter app. You can simply download from playstore.
Download link :-

anWriter app Details
– anWriter HTML editor helps you to write code.
– It offers an autocompletion support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, LaTeX

It supports FTP
– You can download a file from the FTP server, send a file to the FTP server, and browse directories on the FTP server.

It allows previewing web pages in application
– Allow you to get a quick preview of your web page in an internal viewer. You don’t need to open a browser.

Hope you like my post!
Enjoy! Bbyee!


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