HTML – Building Your First HTML5 Web Page – Part 5

Yes, I know you write code fluently 😁

Building Your First HTML5 Web Page - Part 5 - Learn Beginner

You’re still here on my post, and you have your tools set up.

Great! 🤩

Now it’s time to start writing some real markup. In this section, you build your very first web page using HTML, in just three simple steps.

– Start by creating a new file called index.html (file_name.html) with your chosen text editor and save it on your desktop or anywhere you want.
– Web page files should be saved with an .html file extension. This extension tells the web browser that it should read the contents as HTML.
– If you were to save a file as a .txt file, for example, the browser would not recognize that it was an HTML file and would simply display the contents of the file in plain text.

STEP – 2:
– Type the following code in your index.html file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My First Web Page</title>
    Hello World

STEP – 3:
– Save your index.html file and open the file in any browser.

We have already discuss about most usable or important HTML elements. If you are already don’t know about important HTML element click here.


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